Ambassador Kristen

Wellthy Soul Ambassador Kristen

In June 2021, Kristen came to Wellthy Soul while mucking through a divorce. She had been working on weight loss on her own but recognized that she needed help with long-term goals and consistency. Not only was Kristen in need of physical changes, she wanted to work on confidence and discipline. After two months of very successful programming with the Achieve Results System, Kristen lost 25 pounds in eight weeks and has continued the Wellthy Soul Way. Today she is a total of 60 pounds lost forever and is a proud ambassador for the program that helped her heal.

Tell us why you hired Wellthy Soul

On January 1, I found myself in the unhealthiest state of my life. I was depressed, ashamed, paralyzed by my fear of the future, and unable to care for myself in the way my kids and I needed me to. Like so many times before, I tried hopelessly to adopt a version of a healthy lifestyle and lost some weight, but still didn’t have the tools or knowledge to sustain healthy habits long term. After four months of struggling on my own, I reached out to Layne in desperation in the middle of the night and my journey with Wellthy Soul began.

How did you feel before you started with Wellthy Soul

In the days leading up to me beginning the eight week Achieve Results System, I was already preparing myself for failure. I decided that I would complete the program since I had made the financial investment, but I was not holding out much hope that it would make a huge difference in my life, only that I would at least have eight weeks of someone holding me accountable regarding my diet and exercise.

When did you start to understand that this was more than just a weight loss program?

During my consultation with Layne, I recognized that there were more elements to this program than just fitness and nutrition. However, it wasn’t until several weeks in that I realized how integral every facet of the program was. I was not only learning to care for my body, I was also learning to care for my mind and my soul. This is what I had been missing all along.

What was your biggest takeaway from your Wellthy Soul experience?

It is still hard to comprehend how significantly my experience with Wellthy Soul has changed my life. I think my biggest takeaway from my experience is the knowledge that health and wellness has very little to do with a number on a scale. It’s about how I feel when I climb out of bed in the morning. The discipline I show when I put on my running shoes and hit the pavement. The enjoyment I get when prepare and eat a meal that nourishes my body. The happiness I feel when I catch a glimpse of my reflection and recognize the girl looking back. The confidence I have in knowing who I am and what I am capable of. The joy of living.

Ambassador Kristen

Why has this program been sustainable for you?

In June, I had to force myself to work out, only doing so because I knew someone was watching and holding me accountable. Less than three months later, I choose to work out five days a week because I want to continue to care for this body that is able. I recognize that not everyone is so fortunate. I move my body because I can.

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors live the Wellthy Soul Way by consistently practicing our fundamental concepts in their daily lives. Yes they work out and eat well most of the time, but they intentionally make their body, mind and soul a priority every single day. The time has come to share their stories on life change to the world so that others can understand that it’s never too late to transform your life.

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