Emily Parker, RDN/RD

Emily Parker

An avid sports fan, Emily Parker, RDN/RD not only watched but played collegiate sports while studying Health Science with a focus in Nutrition at Keene State College. It’s no surprise that sports nutrition was both interesting and applicable for Emily. She completed her Sports Nutrition rotation at Dartmouth College. Emily has clinical experience with in-hospital patients at York Hospital in Maine. She also thrives in nutritional education for individuals.

Wellthy Soul Clinical Dietician

Adding her passion for nutrition and fitness on the Wellthy Soul Care Team means that clients get more. Existing clients will enjoy her advanced sports nutrition knowledge as they transition out of weight loss and into a diet that supports a more active lifestyle. All macronutrients including carbohydrates, proteins and health fats are part of the plan. Next, Emily will help educate clients on how to shift from the weight loss phase into the way they will eat forever.

Nature Lover & Dog Mom

Emily Parker loves to spend time outdoors running, hiking, and enjoying nature. Subsequently, after four years of college-level Lacross, she often uses the outdoors as her favorite place to work out. Currently residing in California with her National Hockey League player partner, she enjoys the sun and gorgeous weather. She is a dog mom and wants to rescue every fur baby she sees on the street. Emily Parker

Next Steps

If you are ready to take your nutrition to the next level, book a free Wellthy Soul consultation with our Client Concierge, Caroline HERE. She will get you on the right path to meet with Emily or one of our Personal Health Advisors.