A Fitness and Adventure Retreat Recap

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A fitness and adventure retreat recap is written for all the women who have every wondered what these girls’ trips are all about. This piece explains our Costa Rican adventure.

fitness and adventure retreat

Signing up for the retreat.

When most of our fitness and adventure retreat participants consider their lack of free time and massive responsibilities in life, a week away sounds like a far-fetched dream. Not to mention, some consider spending $1,500+ on themselves both crazy and selfish. We understand. After leading close to 100 women on international retreats, this is the feedback we hear most often. Naturally, it is a mental hurdle that has to be overcome. In the back of their minds, they know it will be worth every penny (or peso) but pulling the trigger can be tough.

fitness and adventure retreat

Traveling alone.

There comes a time when our fitness and adventure retreat participants have asked their brave and risk-taking friends to go with them on the Girls’ Trip. Unfortunately, most of the friends say, “No”. Understandably, not a lot of women will chose to live out of their own comfort zone. Depending on the trip, most women travel alone and do not know their roommate. There is solace in knowing that women who choose to join a wellness retreat are like-minded. In less than 24 hours, all participants are settled in and comfortable with their surroundings for the week.

fitness and adventure retreat

Prepping for the departure.

About a month from the departure date Ketanga Fitness Retreats, our amazing planning partners and friends, send a packing list to each fitness and adventure retreat participant. They know everything the travelers need and include that information. Since the Wellthy Soul trips always include both fitness workouts like HIIT or circuits as well as mind body classes like barre or yoga, we ask participants to bring 2-3 pound weights. Those specific notes are also included in the list. We have also learned that small increments of money is great to have for tipping service providers. Many of the Natives in our host countries rely on tips for income. So, having small change handy will allow participants to tip within reason. Once the packing list is sent, the countdown is officially on and the private Facebook group starts to get active with questions and answers.

The uncomfortable time of the fitness and adventure retreat.

Most of our fitness and adventure retreat participants have the hardest time on Day One. Arriving in a new place and meeting the other women can feel foreign and uncomfortable- this is part of the connection process (trust us). Most of our trips require travel from the airport to the resort. Subsequently, navigating that part of the trip can feel slightly uncomfortable. Our retreats always start with an intention setting, yoga inspired workout and then a healthy dinner. By the time Day Two arrives, our girls are feeling more relaxed. Transitions can be hard for even the most seasoned traveler.

fitness and adventure retreat

The workouts.

Participants complete two full workouts per day on the retreat. In the mornings, we typically teach a strength and cardio format like HIIT or Circuit Training to get our blood pumping and set our bodies into fat burning machines! The evenings are no walk in the park but the tempo and energy shifts into more of a mind body focus with barre inspired workouts or yoga sculpting flows. Often we are asked, “Do I have to complete ALL of the workouts”? Our answer is a resounding, “NO”! You do you. If you want to skip the afternoon flow for a margarita on the beach, we honor and respect that. Want to sleep in and catch up on some bonus hours of sleep, go for it! No judgement from us, ever.

fitness and adventure retreat

Costa Rican adventures.

Our Costa Rican adventures differentiate our trips from other fitness retreats. We push ourselves out of our normal suburban life to grow and thrive as women. Participants may find themselves swinging over the Costa Rican canopies while safely harnessed and attached to a zip line. Next, they may experience the thrill of white water rafting with a reputable company. Surfing, horseback riding, and healing mud baths might also be added to the trip. Other experiences have been sound baths in Tulum, tours of ruins, waterfall jumping and canopy tours complete with monkeys and sloths. All adventures are both exciting and edgy as well as proven and safe. Will you feel the adrenaline pumping? Heck yes!

The best part.

Ask anyone who goes on a Wellthy Soul retreat and she will explain that the new connections are the best part of the trip. From deep belly laughs at dinner to long walks on the beach talking about the hard stuff, Costa Rica invites authentic conversation. The veil is dropped and women allow themselves to be real and truly connect to one another.

The final goodbye.

Leaving Costa Rica is really hard due to the light energy, strong connections made and the ease of life while on the trip. These retreats are life-changing and we simply do not want them to end. Because our girls travel from all over the United States to join the retreat, flights and shuttles leave at different times of the morning. We typically end with coffee and a sunrise, morning stretch, healthy breakfast and tons of hugs. After exchanging contact information and social media handles, we leave with lifelong friendships. These trips are worth every moment away from your family and every step outside of your comfort zone. We hope to have you on one very soon.

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