The Mile a Day Running Challenge

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness

The Mile a Day Running Challenge

The mile a day running challenge all started with my commitment to read one book a month in 2020. When I say read, I actually mean listen to audiobooks, because I don’t have time to sit down with a book unfortunately. I am in my car so often going from place to place that my jam is audiobooks as well as podcasts and YouTube audio.

Can’t Hurt Me

I discovered an audiobook book called, Can’t Hurt Me, by a man named David Goggins. He had a challenging upbringing as a black student in a mostly white community while experiencing physical abuse from his father. After losing 100 pounds in three months, he turned his life around and became a Navy SEAL, an army ranger, and an ultramarathon runner. This man’s story is remarkable, but more than that it motivated me to push myself and my mind into an uncomfortable place. That’s where this whole run thing came from.

My Goals for the Challenge

So this week I challenged myself to run one mile a day. My goals were simple: beat my time each day, complete the mile or more, and add all of that on top of my regular fitness schedule. I am currently using the REV60 program for consistent nutrition, consistent fitness, and a daily spiritual habit. My nutrition is on point right now so I knew that I was fueling my body properly. I used a heart rate tracker to measure my distance and heart rate through the week.

My Personal Findings

I discovered some interesting things while I was adding this to my current, daily caloric output. First, I burned an additional 150 calories, give or take, every day. Second, I felt a new level of soreness in my calves, quads, as well as some pain in my shins. Third, I’ve discovered more lean body mass with this challenge. When we increase our calorie output per day and keep our nutrition level, our bodies burn stored fat. The concept is called an energy balance. There is a lot of information and research about it online. I’ll cover that in a different blog. The negative to my body’s performance is that my heart rate is too high to sustain my pace for a long time.

In the End…

Finally, I discovered this has worked for me. Even though it wasn’t perfect, on day six I ended up walking most of the distance due to shin splints, but for the most part, I feel more accomplished. The next week of running will be focused on a slower pace and lower heart rate. I challenge you to join me as I continue with the plan and run another seven days in a row. Here’s a link to join and you can start anytime that you want.


*If you buy the book from Amazon on this blog, I will make a small commission.

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