Why should I eat gluten-free?

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Blog, Nutritional Education

If it’s gluten-free, it MUST be healthy, right? Think again, friend. Not all gluten-free products are “healthy” and might work against your weight management efforts. Carefully crafted food marketing and sketchy science might make you want to pick up a box of gluten-free cookies on your grocery run but it’s time to ask yourself… is it really necessary? And if there is no gluten in them, what are they actually made of?

Why should I eat gluten-free?

At Wellthy Soul, our meals are curated as gluten-free using whole food first. Some foods are naturally gluten-free, including most fruits and vegetables, and we incorporate plenty of fresh, colorful produce consistently into the nutrition plans of our clients. Here’s why…

For some people, gluten can cause an inflammatory response in the body and can cause damage to the intestinal lining. When a gluten intolerance goes undetected for too long, chronic inflammation takes over, triggering widespread effects on most bodily systems. This is why oftentimes gluten doesn’t simply cause gastrointestinal symptoms, like bloating, but can also cause skin rashes, fatigue, aching joints, and headaches. It comes down to the level of inflammation created by the gluten.

Should everyone cut gluten?

For some, gluten is a non-issue and food will have little to no impact on how they feel or function. For others who may feel impacted by the food they eat, specific antibody testing is encouraged to know whether gluten is a sensitivity that can be managed with an elimination diet over several months (it often takes more than a week or two to notice real changes). Testing can discover something more serious like celiac disease which can call for the removal of all gluten in one’s diet and the entire home.

Tracking the effects of gluten in your body

Why should I eat gluten-free? If you think gluten is something that impacts you, and for at least 15% of the American population it does, start by keeping a food journal. Specifically track things like pasta and bread and those ooey-gooey treats held together by gluten, and note what you notice about your tummy, your skin, and your mood. Look for patterns and reach out to the Wellthy Soul care team on how we can help.

Gluten-free Snacks

We’re also realistic at Wellthy Soul. We know that the crunch of a cucumber is not the same as a crunch from a salty chip, no matter how much we wish it was!  We’ve created a list of easy-to-reach, gluten-free, grocery store-ready snacks that satisfy whatever snack attack you’re in. Best of all, the taste hasn’t been compromised and your family won’t know the difference!

Skinny Dipped Almonds link

Flavored/Roasted Seeds

Rice Cakes (lightly salted) with guacamole, hummus or nut butter 

Real Food From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers link                                                  

Marinated olives

RX Bars

Bark Thins Coconut Dark Chocolate Bites

Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Chips


Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

Freeze dried fruit