30-Day Summer Reset

Clean Nutrition, Safe fitness and Soul Work



What’s included in your 30-Day Summer reset?

Science-backed nutrition, fitness, and holistic health programming surrounded with community support by like-minded women and wellness professionals. 💫 AND, let’s just say a whole lot! Including AMAZING RESULTS! 

  1. Group coaching programming lead by Layne Bruner that nourishes the mind, body and soul
  2. One week of prep work to set goals and establish your baseline
  3. 4-week, R.D. written meal plan focused on high protein, then fat, then carbs written specifically for weight loss
  4. 4-week shopping list including each ingredient on your meal plan
  5. 4-week fitness plan to increase your current level of movement with variability to lean out and increase metabolic condition
  6. Snack list
  7. Mindset practice
  8. Soul Work practice
  9. Daily affirmations
  10. Access to the Wellthy Soul Tracking App which syncs with your wearable device
  11. Invitation to four Goal Setting Mastermind 11am CST – one per week
  12. Invitation to four Nutrition Mastermind 11am CST – one per week


Step One: Choose YOU.

Choose yourself. Sign up for the program and get ready to focus on you.

Step Two: Connection with your Coach, Layne

Connect with Layne and the Wellthy Soul Team online.

Step Three: Nutrition

Choose your high protein meal plan. Select from an omnivore plan, vegitarian plan or vegan plan. 

Step Four: Prep Work

Download your plan and begin your self assessments including the food journal, Strength, Agility and Conditioning assessments, and begin The Wellthy Soul Nutrition Book to understand how to fuel a 40+ year old body. 

Step Five: Begin

After one week of preperation, you will begin your four week journey to achieve better holistic health. Mind, body and soul work. 


Can I have alcohol, coffee and diet soda? Yes, but we will limit the type of alcohol and coffee.

Are these meal plans gluten-free? Yes

Are these meal plans dairy-free? Yes

Can I do this plan while traveling? Yes, if you have access to a kitchen.

Will I be coached by Layne? Yes, with weekly support.



Are you a self-motivated woman who is already exercising 2-3 times a week with pretty good nutrition habits? You may drink a little too much alcohol or enjoy too many sweets, but overall, you are healthy. High level coaching is not a priority for you but you could use a 🙌 while making changes to your holistic health.


The 30-Day Summer Reset is your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life! 🚀 Join to break free from unhealthy habits. Maybe you just need some empowerment to shed 5-10 pounds in just 30 days. It’s not just a program; it’s your path to improved well-being. Ready to kick those habits and embrace a healthier you? Let’s get started.


PEAK Program



Step one: Choose your Start Date: any Monday in June

Sign up for the program!

Step two: Prep Week 

Seven days to test baselines, take measurements (if desired), read The Nutrition Book, and understand the full program expectations.

Step three: Begin your programming

The next four weeks are focused on your mind, body and soul. Nourishing your body with whole foods, increasing your movement, managing your calendar, praciting positive mindset work and lastly, your self-care or soul work.

COST- $199 total