Client Testimonials

“My core has never been stronger (something I struggled with for a long time), and my energy is through the roof (in a good way). Layne and Wellthy Soul, changed my life- from maintaining a healthier diet and lifestyle to holding myself accountable for being active. I continue to push forth with the classes and the programs that Wellthy Soul has to offer, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I am healthier and happier, and when I look in the mirror, I smile.”

“I met Layne years ago while she was a trainer at a local gym. I was drawn to her energy and no fluff training style. Its work and she didn’t sugar coat it. Fast forward to 2020 and like many I found myself after 3-4 months of Covid quarantine it was time to take my wellness serious. I sought out Layne and hired her as my personal trainer. She could tell from the beginning that I was ‘mailing’ it in and call me on it. Believe it or not, that was when I knew I found my perfect trainer. I knew I needed someone who could give me the grace to rest when I really needed it. And I knew I also needed someone who could see through my BS and call me on when I was being lazy or needed motivation. Layne is a remarkable trainer, role model, and friend. She offers the complete package; well rounded and ever changing fitness along with a doable and sustainable nutrition plan. In my first 8 weeks with Layne I lost 35 pounds and intend to drop another 25 in the next 8. She’s the truth!”

“I lost 35 pounds in two months but gained so much more. ⁠⁠I’ve become more organized. ⁠I’ve cleaned out the clutter in my home and in my hair salon. ⁠Emotionally, I let go of things that were stunting me. Now, I’ve learned to take the time to sit down and eat during the day! I’ve become more social. I’m wearing things I would have never worn before. I’m talking to strangers when we go places! WHO IS THIS GIRL??⁠”

“By committing to the basic core values associated with the program, including eating clean by following the roadmap of food and meal planning options provided, making physical movement and working out for at least 30-45min a day a priority, and taking much needed time to focus on me, I absolutely experienced transformational changes, both physically and mentally!”⁠

“I am an athlete and I have always worked out, but I have seen more improvement in my body composition in the last few months working with YOU! I think I was doing it all wrong, so Thank You Layne Bruner for your expertise and knowing what my body really needed to make some real change. I actually have biceps and who knew it can be done virtually with your amazingness”

“My journey started off just being focused on shedding a few extra pounds and trying to get back to my goal weight, but as I was introduced to the idea that my whole self needed a shift, mind, body, and soul, I was able to start a new way of approaching my wellness. ⁠

Even though I’ve lost more weight in these 8 weeks than any other time in my life, I’m actually more excited about how clear my mind is and my overall energy levels each day. And though I have become absolute in where I am headed, the process has actually allowed me to be more appreciative of the present and the journey I’m on. I can’t thank you enough for helping me understand my potential.”⁠

“I started with Wellthy Soul in the Reset but wanted to continue to create better habits and be stronger and this is the result of both programs! Yes, I have lost weight, I don’t even know how much–I never get on a scale–but it’s the way I feel, how my clothes fit, how confident I feel (especially in a bathing suit). My daily comments on how proud they are of me and my changes with my healthy habits. I have influenced my family to eat healthier too! I’m thankful to have found this–especially during COVID times-instead of stress eating and no motivation. I have changed the way I eat and move every day. I know this is what is keeping me balanced during the chaos of COVID-19”

“Carrie made the decision to change her body for that sweet baby girl. She wanted to be strong and healthy. Carrie did the work and focused. In 8 weeks, she lost 21 pounds using food from the grocery, cardio and strength workouts, and soul work!”

“Layne kept me accountable and motivated which has led to my self confidence returning.”smile

“The weight loss program so far has definitely been a challenging commitment, but already I can see an obvious transformation in myself both externally and internally. I have even gotten comments from several friends and family members about how strong and happy I look. The fact that not only me but other people are noticing is SO exciting!⁠
Layne is a bright, warm, fierce energy who has worked with me on how to make her program work for my individual goals. She has shared invaluable input and knowledge. Knowing now that I can live a healthier lifestyle that I will be integrating into my life long after these two months are over. I cannot sing her praises enough! You rock Layne!”