Ambassador Andrea

Wellthy Soul Ambassador Andrea

After months of quarantine and using food to soothe distressing emotions, Ambassador Andrea connected with Wellthy Soul. She and owner Layne were long-time friends, but it was time for Andrea to tap into the knowledge and accountability that Wellthy Soul offers busy professionals. Next, Andrea and Layne had a couple of connection calls and the life change began.

Tell us why you hired Wellthy Soul

I called right after I saw a video of myself, on a night out with girlfriends when I left the house feeling cute, saw that video and didn’t recognize myself. I was embarrassed and mortified that I looked the way I did. It felt overwhelming and I left the night out holding back tears… I immediately called Layne for help. I had reached a point where my weight was feeling out of control and I needed guidance on how to get my health back on track. The combination of nutrition, exercise, metabolic testing, and soul work was exactly what I needed to find the reasons behind why I couldn’t lose weight.

Aside from the weight loss, what Wellthy Soul habits will you keep?

There are so many learned habits I will keep with me. The most important are time management practice, weekly meal prepping, and learning how to see food as fuel instead of an enemy.

What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

The Functional Medicine labwork revealing some health shifts that I was unaware of. The major “A-ha moment” was when I realized I had been dealing with disordered thinking around food for decades. It’s really brought clarity to the way I had turned to food for comfort for years.

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors live the Wellthy Soul Way by consistently practicing our fundamental concepts in their daily lives. Yes, they work out and eat well most of the time, but they intentionally make their body, mind, and soul a priority every single day. The time has come to share their stories on life change to the world so that others can understand that it’s never too late to transform your life.

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