Why should I get a hobby?

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness, Lifestyle

24% of Americans report having a hobby and according to a recent study completed in 2020, watching TV ranks at #1. That leaves me wanting to explain the real benefits of a hobby and encourage you to find something that engages your body and mind when selecting your newest activity.

If you feel stuck in a rut and bored with your life, it may be time to explore these benefits so you too can get a hobby and feel more vibrant.

Why should you get a hobby?

Hobbies relieve stress

One study showed approximately 75% of participants’ cortisol levels (one of the most widely studied hormonal markers of stress) were lowered after making art. 

Improved self confidence

Find something you are good at and perform the activity weekly to build confidence and self belief.

Spark creativity

Especially if your hobby includes making or crafting, creativity is in full swing when you start with materials and end with a finished product. Jewelry making and painting are two hobbies that allow this sense of creative accomplishment.

Grow knowledge

Love to read? Are you someone who chooses to explore new places? Your new hobby can help you to learn new topics while you fill your time with productive activities.

Improve mental health

If your hobby is sports related, you receive multiple benefits! Research also shows that adults who regularly participate in some kind of team sport are less likely to experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. Moving your body promotes mental health.

Build independence

The more time you spend alone or with a new group of people, the more confidence you have in your ability to navigate new situations, places and things. Build your independence while you partake in an activity that sparks your joy.

Enrich your perspective

Learn and grow while you participate in a new hobby. Open your mind to new experiences, culture and people. The more open you are, the more your perspective can change.

Meet new people

Group or ‘team’ hobbies have  been shown to provide opportunities for social connection and friendship. When you connect with another person who enjoys the same activities your body releases dopamine- the happy hormone.

Okay, now what?

When choosing your new hobby or activity, start with a manageable amount of time to spend outside of your daily responsibilities. Most hobbies are not practiced daily but weekly. 

  • Carve out 60-90 minutes per week including travel time, and start with a smaller commitment. 
  • Try it three times before you decide if this hobby is right for you.
  • Stress the importance of this time spent to your family so they can support you as you explore new experiences.


Give yourself the space needed to learn the new skill.  Not many people are excellent the first time they try something new. Additionally, give yourself grace to improve incrementally. The joy of the hobby is the consistent practice leading to self improvement of the mind, body and soul.


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