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I am Layne Bruner

Layne Bruner, founder of Wellthy Soul uses her positive energy and authenticity to inspire, motivate, and teach others how to create incredible lives full of health and joy, forever. After 20+ years of dancing and performing in college and professionally, Layne battled against insecurity and self-doubt coupled with disordered eating. Abusing exercise and restricting calories were some of Layne’s favorite ways to control her weight and “look good in her costume”. It was a long cycle of abuse that she finally broke free from with therapy, prayer, and consistent soul work. Today, Layne uses that experience combined with years of training in nutrition and fitness education to help people heal from lifestyle diseases so they can live longer with more mobility, vitality, and fewer prescription drugs.

Today Layne lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, two children, and their dog, Trooper. She spends her days’ health coaching clients, teaching fitness classes, and hanging out with her husband and boys at the baseball fields or on the trail systems in Austin.


When did I start?

Layne’s introduction to fitness began at the early age of three. After studying ballet, tap, modern dance and jazz at studios in California, Florida, and Virginia. Layne’s Mom started taking her to a gym for weight lifting at age 13. She has been in the gym ever since that age.

Since high school and into college, Layne danced and lead her peers. In college, Layne was on the dance team at West Virginia University (NCAA) where she was the senior dance leader and choreographer. She was a performer in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After college, Layne performed for a professional Modern dance company in Austin, TX. She was also a member of the Lady Wranglers Dance Team for Austin’s Arena Football League (AFL) team, the Austin Wranglers. Additionally, in 2005, she was selected to represent the Austin Wranglers as a member of the Arena Football League Dream Team, made up of one representative from all AFL teams, where she performed in the championship game in Las Vegas, NV. Layne’s entire life has included dance, exercise and movement.


You may have seen Layne on television or speaking in public sharing about health and fitness topics. She is also published in Austin Fitness Magazine helping adults to find healthier ways to lose weight and feel more energetic. Currently, Layne is an American Council of Exercise, Certified Health Coach, and Fitness Professional. Click here for more information.

Mindfully and
Spiritually Rooted

You will notice a few things that are different when it comes to Layne Bruner and her coaching programming. Mindful and spiritual practices are always included. Why? Because we cannot heal on the outside before we heal on the inside. Our wellness starts from within. Wellthy Soul comes from the root term, It is well with my soul.


Layne Bruner is an American Council of Exercise Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor and helps professionals lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks using whole food nutrition, safe fitness, and soul work.

She holds teaching certificates for Zumba, barre3 and C9 Challenge Interval Training, Warrior Sculpt, and Tabata. She makes working out fun while focusing on your body’s proper form. Layne currently teaches in her online fitness studio Studio Soul Fitness. She also leads to International fitness and adventure retreats for women. Layne founded Wellthy Soul in 2015.

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There is only one way to work with Layne as a health coaching client. Please complete the waitlist form today if you are interested in losing weight and living longer. She helps professionals lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks using whole food nutrition, safe fitness, and soul work.