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Empowering girls with whole body wellness

Wellthy Soul Teens Program

Powerful, decisive young women who know what they want.

šŸŒŸ Welcome to the Wellthy Soul Teens Program ā€“ a transformative journey for young women to define their purpose and set healthy boundaries. Begin by exploring personal values and charting a clear path towards achieving goals.

šŸ„— Our Registered Dietician at Wellthy Soul will empower teens with nutrition knowledge, offering whole food meal plans for a holistic approach to a healthy body composition ā€“ no calorie or macronutrient counting required.

šŸ‹ļøā€ā™€ļø Dive into exercise education to discover the optimal weekly movement for teen health, ensuring safety and effectiveness in workouts.

ā° Learn the art of time management with the Wellthy Soul Time Management Practice ā€“ a surprisingly effective tool to balance responsibilities and embrace the joy of life.

šŸ§  Cultivate a resilient mindset through the Wellthy Soul Mindset Practice, guiding teens in positive self-talk and overcoming negativity. It’s a fun and empowering journey for both teens and parents!

šŸ’« Explore the introspective realm of Soul Work, where teens discover their passions, build grit, practice self-advocacy, and develop the ability to thrive in the world.

šŸ¤ Accountability and support are integral to our program. As her second biggest cheerleader, alongside you, I’ll help your teen expand, grow, and become a stronger version of herself. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together!

Wellthy Soul Teen Summer 2023 Program Results:

100% of participants saw a positive improvement in their nutrition.

100% of participants saw a positive difference in their exercise.

60% of participants adopted positive mindset and soul work.

100% of participants are now using a calendar.

100% of participants would recommend this program to other teens.

I really love and respect Layne. Her guidance is really helpful and Iā€™m so happy I did her program this Summer. It completely prepared myself to have a better mindset over the summer to start my journey into my teens. Iā€™m so glad that I have her as a resource.

Nina, 13 years old

Vero Beach, FL

Questions & Answers:

Nutrition: Does Wellthy Soul teach calorie counting?

In the Wellthy Soul Teens program, we provide education on the concept of calories as a measure of energy without delving into behaviors that may become obsessive. Our approach focuses on nurturing growing bodies with an 8-week standard whole food-based meal plan included in the program. For those seeking a personalized touch, a customized meal plan is available at an additional cost.

Exercise: Does the program include exercise?
In line with the Center for Disease Control’s recommendation, Wellthy Soul Teens are encouraged to engage in 60 minutes of daily movement. Within the Teens Program, we’ll explore creative ways to infuse joy and fun into physical activity, fostering a supportive environment where girls can challenge and uplift each other.
Faith: Is this programming religious?

While guiding soul work and introspective activities, we’ll focus on the concept of the “soul” without delving into specific religious practices or beliefs, unless initiated by a teen. Layne, being a Christian, approaches discussions with an inclusive and accepting mindset. The core themes of this program emphasize acceptance and kindness towards others.

Real Life: Can my teen still have a life when in program?

Absolutely, yes! The Wellthy Soul Teens Program is designed to enhance your teen’s life by promoting balance, growth, and well-being. We believe in cultivating a lifestyle that includes both responsibilities and the joy of living.

Time: How much time will this program take?

Wellthy Soul Teens gather weekly for 45-60 minutes, with minimal reading and a brief, enjoyable activity that won’t exceed 15 minutes per week. Teens can incorporate sports, dance, or other physical after-school activities as their workouts. Kitchen tasks may require some assistance, and that’s where your contribution becomes essential ā€“ it’s a collaborative team effort!

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Important Dates

Summer Program Date: June 17, 2024- August 11, 2024

Ā 5 Individual coaching sessions: schedule per client

8 Group Coaching sessions: TBD- Day and time based on Summer Group (recorded)