Contest Rules

Rules and structure

New and current Wellthy Soul clients will have the opportunity to participate in an eight week challenge focused on behavior changes that promote weight loss and healthy living. Each client sets their personal weekly goal and they are held accountable to that weekly number by the Wellthy Soul Care Team. 

Behavior change focus

Each week, there will be a new behavior focus and education surrounding the behavior.

Week 1- Follow your personalized meal plan

Week 2- Sleep hygiene

Week 3- Activities/exercise

Week 4- Steps

Week 5- Mindset/soul work practices

Week 6- Follow your personalized meal plan

Week 7- Activities/exercise

Week 8- Sleep hygiene


Point System

  • Five (5) points for a completed pre-program survey
  • Five (5) points for a completed post-program survey
  • If the client reaches their daily personal goal by the end of each week, they are awarded one point per day of success. 
  • If the client does not reach their daily goal, they are awarded one point per day that the goal was hit. 
  • Coach’s Choice Points- each week, the Personal Health Advisors will choose 3-5 clients who are going above and beyond and will be awarded three (3) extra points. 
  • To get the extra points, clients will always show up for live classes, or pre-recorded classes, they will show up for live education, and they will be performing at 9/10 most days. 
  • Each set of weekly points will be counted on the following Monday then reported to the group of participants. 
  • The client with the most points at the end of the eight (8) weeks will receive a $500.00 cash prize.