Avoid these seven things in the New Year.

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Blog, Mind & Soul

Avoid these seven things in the New Year

Everyone is telling me what to do to be healthy, so I thought we could take a different approach today. Let’s talk about things to AVOID in the New Year.

1. Avoid self-doubt

Stop stopping yourself. If I have learned anything from this current year, it is to walk into the risk and the unknown. Staying comfortable and holding back on your purpose or internal promptings will never help you to grow and flourish as the person you were designed to be. I have also learned that your journey in life can positively affect other people. So be brave and take the risk. If you don’t believe in yourself, hold tight to the men and women who do believe in you.

2. Avoid a$$holes

Sorry about the language Mom, I know you are reading this. Walk away from the people in your life who pull you down. If they dim your light, run away- fast. You have probably waited long enough. I know this is a tricky topic especially when it comes to family or close friends, but you are allowed to have joy and a fulfilling life. You are allowed to thrive and bloom and that’s exactly what God wanted for you and for us. So, kindly and respectfully, walk away. You can still recognize their importance on Earth, without making them a part of your daily life.

3. Avoid staying up too late

I love Jimmy Fallon and Netflix just like everyone else, but he is stealing our quality sleep. Let’s commit to 8 hours a night. Our skin will look better and we will burn more fat. Read the science behind that study¬†here.

4. Avoid Ultra-processed foods

So we all know that fruits and veggies are where it’s at, but we all still buy processed foods. When you are grocery shopping next week, flip the package around and read the ingredients. If there are more than five ingredients, it’s an ultra-processed food. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients and don’t know what they mean, don’t buy it.

5. Avoid excessive drinking

When one glass turns into three or even six. Then you forget what you said or did just hours before. Then you get in the car and drive your family around the next day unsure of what you would blow on a breathalyzer if you were pulled over. Yeah, that. Let’s stop doing that. Let’s practice some self-control.

6. Avoid laziness when it comes to fitness

Over 50% of you reading this email right now are between the ages of 35-44 and have a higher education level. You also have kids. We are smart and we KNOW that exercise is key to long-term health. Take 30 minutes a day and break a sweat. If you don’t do it for your own health, show your children the importance of movement so they will live long, robust lives.

7. Avoid doing the same miserable thing again for another year

If you are sick of being miserable or stagnant and doing the same thing over and over again, make a change. Quick reminder, you have the power within you to pivot your direction. You are the boss of your life. Find a trusted counselor and begin to take steps to make this next year better.

This year was rocky for me. If it was tough for you too, walk with me while I make changes to live a more full and joyful life starting right now. If you like this blog and want more like it, subscribe to our database and get one email a week. Click HERE.