Achieve Results System

Using an exclusive approach to weight loss, the Achieve Results System helps adults over 40, lose 20 pounds in eight weeks. Wellthy Soul uses functional medicine combined with whole food nutrition, as well as soul work, safe fitness, and mindset work to help clients reduce the likelihood of chronic disease and lose weight. You will receive a Concierge, Personal Health Advisor, CPC, CPT, Dietician access, MS, RDN/RD, RDN, Mindset Coach, Functional bloodwork and urinalysis, Functional Medicine Doctor tele-medicine review, Personalized digital Achieve Results System TRANSFORM e-book, Wellthy Soul Cookbook, Personalized fitness plan, Access to all Wellthy Soul Studio and additional fitness programming, Time Management practice, Mindset Practice, Soul Work practice, and:

  • 128 Daily accountability check-ins,
  • 4 Bi-weekly one-on-one video calls with your Personal Health Advisor,
  • 8 Goal Setting Mastermind appointments, 8 Nutritionist Mastermind appointments
  • Access to personalized, real-time Wellthy Soul mobile app
  • 8-week nutrition plan- ACTION PHASE
  • 8-week nutrition plan- MAINTENANCE PHASE


The Nutrition Program

Combining Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition, The Nutrition Program is a four-phase process that spans six months. You will understand how your body is currently performing on a biological level through bloodwork and urinalysis. Next, the Nutrition Team will study, review, and plan your personal nutrition plan. This program is designed for those who do not need intensive accountability coaching but would benefit from weight loss or sports nutrition. This program is also helpful when learning how to eat a prescribed diet assigned by a medical professional. Our goal is to provide nutritional education, first and delicious food, second.

  • Functional Medicine bloodwork panel and urinalysis
  • Functional Doctor private review of blood and urine, 20 minutes via telemedicine
  • Registered Dietician- three (3) consultations with our registered dietician
  • Meal Plans – three (3) customized whole-food meal plans
  • Nutrition Coaching – three (3) 60-minute calls to access progress and provide support
  • Email access to your nutritionist for follow up questions


Lose 5 in 5

If you’ve been curious about how we help clients TRANSFORM their bodies, through Achieve Results System, this is your 5-Day Sneak Peak. Lose 5 in 5, teaches our foundational strategies while you shed extra weight and reduce inflammation. If you feel like a reset of nutrition, habits, and mindset is appropriate for you right now, the Wellthy Soul “Lose 5 in 5” program is JUST what you need. This program is BRAND NEW and FREE!

  • Feel less bloated by reducing inflammation
  • Have more focus and awareness of your body’s needs
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise more consistently
  • Improve confidence
  • Eat clean and feel great

Click on the title of each program for more information. The next step in your wellness journey starts today!