Ambassador Program

The Wellthy Soul Ambassador Program is here! With hundreds of Wellthy Soul clients on the books, some shine very bright. They live the Wellthy Soul Way by consistently practicing our fundamental concepts in their daily lives. Yes they work out and eat well most of the time, but they intentionally make their body, mind and soul a priority every single day. The time has come to share their stories on life change to the world so that others can understand that it’s never too late to transform your life. 


Not everyone is invited into this exclusive group. This client must have completed a Wellthy Soul program within the past two years and maintained their behavioral and physical changes. They still practice soul work, mindset work, eat well 90% of the time, and perform regular exercise. Ambassadors have also maintained their weight loss if that was an original goal of their programming.

Ambassador Responsibilities

You keep doing the “new you” really well. As a Wellthy Soul Ambassador, you represent the healthy lifestyle we hope for everyone. When people say “there is something different about you”, you tell them how Wellthy Soul has changed your life. It’s as simple as that. Do you have to post on social media? Well, we would love it if you did, but it’s not a requirement. Simply share Wellthy Soul programming with at least one person per month.

Ambassador Benefits

You will enjoy the following perks for being a part of the Wellthy Soul Ambassador Program.

  • Private, monthly Ambassador events designed to keep you on track
  • Discounts codes for products, services and programs
  • Ambassadors will be invited to beta-test new programs, products, and offerings as well as enjoy perks from our strategic partners
  • Complimentary access to the on-demand library of live, pre-recorded classes
  • $200 in www.shop.wellthysoul.com credit for every client referral, (credits can be used for fitness retreats, local events, or you can give them as a credit towards a friend or family members signing up for our ARS program)

Are you in? Does this sound like YOU?

Please complete this quick application today to apply to be a Wellthy Soul Ambassador and to be featured on the Wellthy Soul Platform. 

  1. Apply.
  2. Meet with Layne or Caroline.
  3. Enjoy the perks.