Ambassador Carmen

Wellthy Soul Ambassador, Carmen

In January 2021, Carmen decided that she wanted to be more physically mobile and be able to keep up with her daughter. She hired Wellthy Soul to help her improve mobility. Read how she lost over 60 pounds in eight months and has fully changed the way she feels, looks and thinks about her wellness.

Carmen’s Story

In January 2021, I found myself wanting to be more mobile, stronger, and increase my endurance for simple things like walking up a flight of stairs. Looking at online fitness subscriptions and local gym options, both of which I thought would help me achieve my goals, but I was not feeling confident that I would be as disciplined as I needed to be. I decided to schedule a call with my friend Layne. That 10-minute call changed everything. The conversation and her questions pointed my mind and heart in a new direction. Next, I realized that in order to achieve my original goals, I needed more than a bit of exercise here and there.

What I learned

What came next was Layne teaching and me learning how to plan for a successful week. Of course she taught how to begin the day and then spend the day with a mindset that produced motivation. I learned how to care for myself, how to fuel my body with the best foods, and how to exercise. Layne is an incredible coach, teacher, and listener. She gets what you are going through. She understands how hard it can be. She is determined, motivated, and brilliant.

My results

What I’ve achieved with Layne’s coaching far surpasses the small goals I started with. I lost more than 20 pounds in the first eight weeks of working with Layne. From there we signed on to another ten months together and I’ve lost 60 pounds total and am still counting.


Finally, is it all about losing weight? Absolutely not. It’s also about the self-confidence, deeper faith in God’s plan for me, and feeling ready and able for whatever each day brings. I turn 44 in October 2021, and am the healthiest I’ve been since my 20s. I’m a widowed, solo parent, who can confidently keep up with my kiddo and will hopefully be here for her for many years to come.

P.S. I take the stairs now.

Is it your turn for life change?

If you are highly motivated for change, we want to talk with you. Wellthy Soul helps adults over 40, lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks with our proven Achieve Results System. Complete the waitlist link today and we will be touch to get you started on your own health and wellness journey.