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The Summer Kickoff begins April 25th!
Join the latest group of adults over 40 to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks!

There are no gimmicks here at Wellthy Soul. We don’t sell food or supplements and we don’t push specific exercise classes. What we offer is an ultra-customized plan that makes the most of every minute — detailing which real foods and healthy movements will maximize your weight loss and wellness. And the best part is that you’re never alone. In addition to daily check-ins and the Wellthy Soul app tracking, we’re just one text away — like when you find yourself at the grocery store or looking at a restaurant menu. Our team includes doctors, nutritionists, certified fitness experts, client concierges, and personal health advisors.

The summer kickoff program starts April 25th! Save your spot today! It includes the proven Achieve Results System: Transform which has helped countless adults over age 40 lose 20 pounds in eight weeks. Click HERE to get started or read on about how you’ll transform by June!

Functional Medicine

To assess systemic inflammation, organ function, blood sugar levels, and hormone levels (including thyroid function), one of our three functional medicine doctors will order your blood panel and urinalysis at a local lab. Cardiac inflammation along with other markers will also examined. A 20–30-minute tele-health appointment will be scheduled by your Wellthy Soul Concierge for you to privately discuss results with the doctor. These will help shape your custom nutrition and fitness plan. It’s so awesome to have a team that understands you inside and out! Click here to hear from us.

And we’ll repeat the blood work and urinalysis panel at the end of the program to mark the significant positive internal changes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to work toward reducing or eliminating the prescription drugs taken for lifestyle-related conditions?!
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Personal Nutrition

We believe in eating whole foods from the grocery store. Expensive diet foods and shakes are not necessary for weight loss. We teach clients how to use whole foods as the foundation of a healthy diet. 

Our Clinical Dietician, Emily Parker, RDT, designs your specified meal plan to your body’s needs with the ultimate goal of weight loss. You will receive eight weeks of the ACTION phase of your program PLUS eight additional weeks of nutrition after you finish the program.Achieve Results System 2

If you choose to use the blood work option, and the doctors find insufficiencies, that will be repaired first with food and top-of-the-line supplementation- we do not add prescription medication. Or ultimate goal is the reduction of the use of prescription drugs for lifestyle disease.  Next, we will layer on your meal plan. We will feed you based on the needs of your body today.

Personalized Fitness

Understanding that everybody enters this program with different physical capabilities, we design your fitness plan for your current physical state. Because bite-sized goals are the easiest to achieve, we will start you with small weekly goals. If you work out with a personal trainer, you can keep seeing them. Do you love your barre studio? You don’t have to pause your membership. If you haven’t exercised in years, we will help you start over again.

Next, our Client Concierge, along with your Personal Health Advisor, will guide you to become more active each week. As a result, we will help you determine the right balance of cardio versus functional strength training.  In the case of many clients, their fitness plan could simply start with a daily walk.  The goal is to build a foundation that is achievable and then push you to challenge yourself as the program builds.Achieve Results System 3

In addition to fitness offerings that may be available in your community, you also have access to all Fitness programming created by Wellthy Soul. The programming ranges from beginner to advanced, in various intensities, from 10min-60min workouts.  Our workouts can be used at home or in a gym setting. Enjoy live virtual classes, on-demand classes, guided strength training workouts, and live in-person special events.

Time Management 

The Wellthy Soul Team has developed a color-coded, monthly planning system to help you reorganize your current calendar and put priority back on your health and wellness. Through a weekly planning practice, your movement and nutrition planning will no longer be an afterthought.

Mindset Work

Our confidence-building mindset practice will quickly become the most intentional part of your day. This daily habit helps you to set your daily goals, recognize your small achievements, and give gratitude for your many blessings. This practice is the most important part of all Wellthy Soul programming.

Soul Work

Achieve Results System 4Stop. Pause. Quiet your mind to listen to your heart. Soul Work is the daily practice of going inward to create awareness around what you need and want. It’s slowing down from the speed of your life and listening intently. You do not have to have any certain religious beliefs to practice Soul Work. Simply create space in your mind to open up to the possibility of being more connected to the mind, body, and soul. This practice can include meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, listening to positive audio, reading, and spending intentional time in healthy relationships.


You will never be alone in this journey. 

Once you download the easy to use, tracking app, your Personal Health Advisor and Client Concierge will be checking your data several times per day throughout the week and once per weekend. All of your program data is found in one tap of the Wellthy Soul app.

In addition to the messages and weekly check-ins from your Wellthy Soul support team, you will also have four, one-on-one video calls with your Personal Health Advisor during your program.

Each Monday, Wellthy Soul leads the weekly Goal Setting Mastermind with a goal-setting practice, a short education session, and a Q&A.


  • Wellthy Soul Concierge 
  • Wellthy Soul Personal Health Advisor, CPC, CPT
  • Wellthy Soul Dietician access, MS, RDN/RD, RDN
  • Wellthy Soul Functional Medicine Doctor access
  • Wellthy Soul Mindset Coach access
  • Functional Bloodwork and urinalysis 
  • Functional Medicine Doctor private, tele-medicine review
  • Personalized, digital Achieve Results System TRANSFORM e-book
  • Wellthy Soul Cook Book
  • 8-week nutrition plan- ACTION PHASE
  • 8-week nutrition plan- MAINTENANCE PHASE
  • Personalized fitness plan
  • Access to all Wellthy Soul Studio and additional fitness programming
  • Time Management practice
  • Mindset Practice
  • Soul Work practice
  • Wellthy Soul Tracking App
  • Digital measurements form
  • 128, Daily accountability check-ins
  • 4, Bi-weekly, one-on-one video calls with your Personal Health Advisor
  • 8, Goal Setting Mastermind appointments
  • 8, Nutritionist Mastermind appointments
  • Digital file with all of your Wellthy Soul account information
  • All the tools you need to achieve your personal wellness goals


Finally, if you are really ready to make changes in your life, let’s connect. We want to speak to women and men who are really ready to get focused and simply need a plan and an incredible, science-based care team. Click the link below to schedule a free 10min clarity call right now!