Halloween Costumes for Moms

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Halloween Costumes for Moms

Halloween Costumes for Moms and Halloween in general can be a frightful thought. We often spend so much time worrying, “What am I going to do about the kids’ costumes?”

“How about my costume?”

“Did I buy enough candy?”

“Are the kids going to eat too much candy?”

“Am I going to eat to much candy?!?” I know it’s a lot, just relax. Don’t get spooked. Let’s change things up this year.

Halloween Costumes for Moms

Coach Chelsea’s Advice

October has arrived and the stress is building. A few weeks ago I began to have all of those scary thoughts (minus the kid concerns as we only have a fur-baby). Then I had a wild idea… instead of worrying about all the little things that always creep me out this time of year, I’m going to embrace the holiday and have a little fun. YES! I’m challenging you to do the same! Go all in and all out on YOURSELF this year. Plan a real costume that makes you feel good. Dress up. Do your makeup. Do your hair. Get sassy! Make it a memory.

Halloween Costumes for Moms Mary P

Make a Halloween Plan

Decide what direction you want to go with your costume: scary, funny, cute, or silly. Check out our PINTEREST BOARD: Halloween Costumes for Moms for fresh ideas that are easy and cute. Next, decide if you’re going to make your costume or buy it. Let’s be honest, we all know deep down whether we can or should be making costumes. Some people have the skill and some people don’t. I, for one, have to purchase my costume or no one will know what I am supposed to be. Don’t kill yourself trying to make something perfect for you or the kids, it just isn’t worth it.

You may want to dress your family up in a theme this year.

You could also get creative and make costumes on a budget.

Halloween Costumes for Moms Jelly

Finally you should make or buy your costume NOW! Don’t get caught stress-eating all the Halloween candy because you waited until the last minute to get yourself (or your kids) into a spectacular costume this year.

In the end

No matter what just go HAVE FUN!!! Go Trick or Treating or head to a Halloween party. Throw a Halloween Party. At the very least eat a few Halloween treats, girl! Just not candy corn, that stuff is gross!


Coach Chelsea

P.S. If Halloween isn’t your thing and wearing costumes doesn’t bring you joy, throw on a cute T-shirt like this one below and try scaring some of the big kids in the neighborhood.


Halloween Costumes for Moms