Why hire a health coach?

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness

Why hire a health coach?

Why hire a health coach? There is so much free content online that you can access and use immediately, right? Well, yes of course, but hiring a coach for your specific needs personalizes your experience. When you trust someone with your progress in your wellness, the relationship is deep and personal. If they are good, your coach is invested in your success.

You hired a financial planner

That was a strategic move to help you increase your wealth, improve your quality of life gaining confidence and financial security. When making the decision about your planner, you asked trusted friends who seem to be doing well, read online, and chose a partner who met your needs. You gave them your personal information so they could actually help you make more money. It worked and it is still working to your benefit. Why hire a health coach? Because we help you manage your health.

You found a business advisor

In business, we come to a point where we need another set of eyes. We know that there is more growth that can be achieved if someone can identify areas of weakness in our business and guide us towards growth. Personally, my business advisor is brilliant and runs multiple successful companies. He taught me how to create and adjust my P&L statement. I hired him because though I am good at the health and wellness vertical, I need support in business growth. We hire business coaches to improve our business.

You trusted a therapist or mental health provider

This past year was tough. Thank God for mental health providers and therapists. You sit in their office or on their Telehealth call and download all the weight and heaviness of your life. You know that although hard, this time spent with your therapist is so valuable for your overall mood and emotional stability. You hire this mental health provider because they know you and lead you forward. Why hire a health coach? Because we know you and help you to move forward towards your overall health.

You hired a plumber

Sometimes looking it up on YouTube.com gets you nowhere fast. You are under the sink and can’t find the right tool or wonder if this is the right hose, so you go to Google and find the most recommended plumber in the area. Just because that YouTube video worked for one guy, doesn’t mean it will work for you. So you trusted a professional with certifications and training.

Warnings when hiring a health coach

You get what I am saying, right? You have been trusting professionals to help you improve your finances, home, business, and mindset for years. The health coach profession is becoming increasingly popular year after year. But make sure you are hiring well. When assessing if this coach is for you, check references and do some research.

Another job?

If your coach has a full-time job outside of their coaching business, make sure they have the time to spend on your success.

Personalized meal plans?

Health coaches cannot write personalized meal plans unless they are a registered dietitians. It is outside of a certified health coach’s scope of practice as they are not educated to do this work. Find a coach who works closely with an RD for true health coaching that is created for your body.


Being a group fitness instructor or a personal trainer does not automatically make the professional a health coach. Make sure you are hiring a person certified or degreed in behavior change or psychology to effectively help you shift your behaviors for long-term results.

Ask for case studies or results

Ask to speak to references or read their case studies.


When you find the RIGHT coach who uses approved training and scientific data paired with structured motivation, you get the results you want and need. Through proven programming, your coach should both inspire you and educate you so you can learn lasting strategies in nutrition and fitness, the will sustain your initial results forever.


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