Soul Detox

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Blog, Mind & Soul

Soul Detox

You may have completed a diet detox in the past but have you even considered a Soul Detox? Benefits include happiness, self efficacy, positive self talk, and a clearer mental picture as you move into a new life stage. Select a nice writing tool and a pretty journal or notebook and spend five days working on the wellness of your soul.

Soul Detox 1

Soul buy injectable steroids Detox: End Gossip

Who benefits from sharing the negatives about other people’s lives? Gossip breeds negativity in our hearts and souls and brings our energy into a lower vibration. Start your Soul Detox as you become more aware of your tendencies to gossip. When tempted, take the high road and steer clear of that habit. If you are walking into gossip, turn around and walk away. If you are the source of the gossip, write it in your journal and keep those words to yourself. Your soul will thank you.

Soul Detox 2

Soul Detox: Forgive Someone

The grudges we carry poison our mind and body. The pain and hurt for someone’s action can be devastating. But without forgiveness that pain continues to weigh heavy inside. Continue your Soul Detox by saying these words, “I FORGIVE YOU.” Practice it with that person in mind. Soon enough you can say it to them, mean it, and let it go. Move into life’s next stage with a lighter soul.

Soul Detox 3

Soul Detox: Be Kind To Yourself

We help neighbors, volunteer at our kid’s schools, and smile at everyone who passes by. Then, we look in the mirror and say nasty words like fat, ugly, not enough, too much, gross. Every day of your Soul Detox, let’s promise to look in the mirror and say things like: IMPORTANT. BEAUTIFUL. STRONG. POWERFUL. PURPOSEFUL. NOT A MISTAKE. Let’s be as KIND to ourselves as we are to the rest of our community.

Soul Detox 4

Soul Detox: Pray Then Listen

We can ask Him for 100 requests, but if we are not open to receive His answers we will never hear them. On your Soul Detox, find a quiet, soft space. Close your eyes. Speak up. Then use a guided meditation if you are a beginner. Just simply listen. It takes practice, but it will enrich your life. Prayer is when you talk to God; Meditation is when you listen to Him.

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Soul Detox: Trust Your Intuition

In relationships, situations, decisions, and doubt, remember to trust your soul. That feeling inside that tells you that you are on to something good, and in contrast the feeling that clearly says run away. Allow your soul and subconscious to help you guide your decisions. In the Christian faith we call it discernment and it’s a spiritual gift. No matter your beliefs, your ability to assess from within is real and you should practice self trust.