Gym Bag Essentials

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Gym Bag Essentials

One of the basic tips I teach my health coaching clients is to always have a tote full of gym bag essentials loaded in the trunk of her car. She needs a workout outfit and running shoes at all times. When you are prepared with fitness gear it’s hard to find an excuse to miss your workout. My gym bag is full of stuff.

Since I teach fitness and wellness classes, and then scoot off to coaching appointments after class, I have to be prepared. Here is a list of the Wellthy Soul Health Coaches Gym Bag Essentials. I have links directly to Amazon for most of these items so you can get your bag prepped this week!

Gym Bag Essentials: #1 Hot Towel Yoga Mat

When heading to the gym or studio for a sweat sesh, a unique yoga mat keeps me motivated when in a downward facing dog.  Often the gym provides a mat for your convenience, but a trick is to layer your beautiful mat like this one on top of the gym mat for extra comfort and to avoid that stinky, bacteria buildup. This brand is not on Amazon but it’s founded by two girl bosses in California and rooted in a love of fashion, travel and yoga. We totally approve!

GymBagEssentials Yoga Mat

Gym Bag Essentials: #2 Apple Airpods

Wellthy Soul Run Coach Liz is completely lost without her jams. She brings two pair of earbuds when she hits the gym just in case of an earbud emergency. I totally concur; my workouts are less effective if I don’t have one of my favorite playlists. Liz prefers Apple Airpods for two reasons. The Apple Airpods are light, easy to wear and have no cords. They also charge in their case when the earbuds are not in use.Gym Bag Essentials Airpods

Gym Bag Essentials: #3 Yeti Rambler

You probably can’t find me too far away from my Yeti Rambler. It’s typically filled with water after 10am or cold brew coffee + water in the mornings. Girls, this water bottle is everything. I can put ice in it when I wake up, refill my water ten times in the day, and the liquid is still cold. My Yeti has a Wellthy Soul sticker on it, so just let me know if you want one for your water bottle too. This is a major gym bag essential, in my book!

Gym Bag Essentials Yeti

Gym Bag Essentials: #4 Workout Towel

Are you that girl who needs to towel off in between sets? Do you have to stand over to the side of class to wipe your forehead so you are not blinded by your own sweat? Me too and so does Callie, from Wellthy Soul Strategy and Planning. A workout towel is at the top of Callie’s gym bag essentials list. Here are some cute options that can go to the gym or the yoga studio.

Gym Bag Essentials Towel

Gym Bag Essentials: #5 Tampons and Hair Ties

Coach Leslie doesn’t head to the gym without packing tampons and hair ties. You never know who is going to need a tampon backup right before class starts. Isn’t it nice to be able to save her day by passing one under the stall? Also, I swear I put at least two hair ties on my wrist before I leave for the gym and they always seem to disappear. It’s good to carry a few extras for you and your girls.

Gym Bag Essentials Hair Ties

Heading to the Shower

Your workout is complete and now it’s time to head to the locker room and get ready! These next items make getting ready much easier.


Gym Bag Essentials: #6 The Cosmetics Bag

Girls, you gotta have a small cosmetics bag with dividers in your gym bag at all times.  This bag is perfect because it has a separate pouch for your makeup and an upright, zip pouch for your toiletries. I leave this packet with the travel size versions of all my go-to products for hair and body.    Gym Bag Essentials Cosmetics

Gym Bag Essentials: #7 Sweaty Clothes Bag

You know that odor that comes from your bag. That sweat smell. It’s gross and I can’t even… My solution is simple, I keep a sweaty clothes bag in my gym bag. It keeps things separate and my bag smelling fresh overall. Now if I have a meeting or two after my class, once I get to my car, I take my fitness wear out of the bag and lay it over the seat to dry.

Gym Bag Essentials Sweat Bag

Gym Bag Essentials: #8 Flip Flops

The towel is wrapped around me, my toiletry bag in hand and I realize I forgot my flip flops as I head toward the gym shower.  Grr! I do not like to get into a wet shower without something protecting my feet. These disposable flip flops are inexpensive gym bag essentials!  You have used them in the nail salon, now use them to shield your feet from athlete’s foot in the gym locker room.  The best part? You can throw them away so you don’t have to bring wet shoes back into your tote.

Gym Bag Essentials Flip Flops

Gym Bag Essentials: #9 Acne Wipes

Unfortunately sweating daily can clog pores and cause acne on your face, chest, shoulders and back. Not cool at all. So Wellthy Soul Core Tribe member and fitness instructor Chelsea packs post-workout cleansing body wipes in her gym bag. She loves e.l.f. ACTIVE line which has all kinds of skincare products that are affordable and effective. We also added Murad Clarifying Body Spray to our list of gym bag essentials.

Gym Bag Essentials Body Spray

Gym Bag Essentials: #10 Dry Shampoo

When you don’t have time for a full shower, dry shampoo will save the day! I quickly dry my hair with one of the community hair dryers (or in some cases, the hand dryer) then throw my hair upside-down and spray.  It’s a miracle worker, girls. I use Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo in the mini size so it easily fits into my bag.

Gym Bag Essentials Dry Shampoo

Gym Bag Essentials: BONUS Amber Essential Oil

Many years ago I caught a whiff of an incredible scent on one of my blogger friends Lisa J Makeup and I had to know what she was wearing. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she wore Amber Essential Oil and that it was under $20.00 a bottle at Whole Foods! Immediately, I packed up the car and went to get my own bottle and I still wear it today. Often this is my finishing touch before I head out for the day.

GymBag Essentials Amber Essential Oil

Finishing Up

Having a gym bag full of essentials packed and ready will help you to get to the gym on busy days. Having a plan for your week is key for your weekly fitness goals and being prepared will only help to guarantee your success.


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