Taking time for yourself

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Blog, Mind & Soul

Hey there, mama! Can you hear that? It’s the sound of school buses rolling away and kids diving into their new academic adventures. Ah, the sweet sound of a little tranquility returning to our homes. Now that the whirlwind of back-to-school chaos has settled, guess what? It’s time for YOU to take center stage, embrace some ‘me-time,’ and reconnect with the awesome person you are beyond being a superhero mom.

When Summer doesn’t go as planned

We all know that summer break is like a rollercoaster ride with kids – full of laughter, fun, fights and chaos. We all enter into the Summer with big intentions to create magic and sometimes it just doesn’t go as planned. The vacation turns into a “trip” and we are left with a different set of memories than we imagined. Maybe yours was the dream you expected. Either way, you need a break after the last few months.

Back to you

Remember those hobbies, interests, and passions you had before life became a game of “Mom, I’m bored!”? Well, it’s time to dust them off and reignite that spark. Maybe it’s the painting easel that’s been gathering dust, the book club you used to be part of, or that yoga mat that’s been silently yearning for your downward dog. Whatever it is, go ahead and dive back in. This transition is a perfect time to reset some positive habits.

Taking time for yourself

Taking time for yourself isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s like giving your mind a little vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Think about it – when was the last time you sat down with a cup of tea, a good book, and indulged in the luxury of simply being present in the moment? It’s the small things that can make a big difference.

Reconnecting with friends

Reconnecting with yourself also means reconnecting with your friends. Remember those coffee dates and weekend brunches you postponed in favor of soccer practices and science projects? Well, the time has come to revive them. Call up your besties, plan a spa day, or simply catch up over a long walk. The laughter, the shared stories, and the feeling of camaraderie – they all contribute to your overall well-being.


Now, let’s talk about self-care. We’ve all heard the term, but let’s put it into action. Whether it’s a relaxing bubble bath, a soothing meditation session, or even just spending a quiet moment in your garden, find what nourishes your soul and prioritize it. You can’t pour from an empty cup, after all. Also, this doesn’t have to include wine or snacks. Self-care doesn’t need to include sugar or alcohol.

And hey, let’s not forget about the joy of doing absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that right. It’s perfectly okay to have days when you curl up on the couch, binge-watch your favorite series, and let time simply melt away. Guilt-free relaxation is the name of the game! I did that last Sunday, while the boys were away with their dad.

Taking time for yourself in conclusion

So, moms, as the school year unfolds, remember that you deserve a slice of the spotlight too. Reconnecting with yourself doesn’t mean you’re neglecting your responsibilities; it’s a way of ensuring you can continue to give your best to your family and everything else you do. Embrace this chapter of ‘you-time,’ and let it be a reminder that you are more than just a mom – you’re a vibrant, multifaceted individual who deserves a moment in the sun. Here’s to rediscovery, relaxation, and rekindling your own flame!

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