The Daily Stretch

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness

The Daily Stretch

The daily stretch routine I use and love is quite simple. There are a number of basic yet effective postures that we can use to open up our joints and prepare our bodies for movement. Taking ten or fifteen minutes to reset the body after waking can prevent injury while relaxing the mind.

The movement

First, start the daily stretch in a seated position and roll your neck in all four directions. Allow your spine to move along with your natural body flow.

Once your neck is released, allow your rib cage to rotate in a circular motion.

Slide your legs behind you to a child’s pose and rest in this posture as you open your hips and reach your arms away from your body. Settle here.

Use the power of your shoulders and middle back to press your body into a downward-facing dog. Peddle your knees out and your lift and lower your heels. Allow your posterior-chain (back of your body) to stretch and lengthen.

Slide one knee forward and find pigeon pose to open the hips, knees, seat, and quadriceps. Trade legs.

Finally, push into a low crouch and slowly raise your body into a mountain pose adding a slight backbend. Repeat this flow three times. End in a deep breath and a prayer for peace throughout your day.

Important tip!

Hold each stretch for 20 seconds at a minimum to fully allow your muscles to release. Avoid pulsing and stretch gently until your muscles are warm as this can cause overstretching. See the video full HERE.  Want more tips like this? Join our Newsletter HERE, for one useful email per week about your health and wellness.