How to plan for a healthy week

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness

If you are wondering how to plan for a healthy week, this is the list you need to accomplish your goals. In this article you will read six steps to set and reach goals for next week. The best way to set up a good week is to sit down in a quiet spot and clear your mind. Take 10 deep and calming breaths before you begin to write and complete the questions below.

1. Is my healthy food purchased?

Before Monday, have you shopped for healthy food and brought it back to your home? Starting the week with healthy options in the home will insure a better chance of your eating well. Fill your cart with healthy proteins, fresh veggies and fruits. Make sure you are purchasing food that expires in the week so you will be more likely to eat fresh foods over the processed foods in your pantry.

2. Have I prepped the proteins and chopped veggies for easy snacking?

Once the fresh food is in your kitchen, spend the next hour or two, cooking, baking and grilling your proteins. Divide and chop your vegetables into single servings and bag or containers for a quick grab and go snack. When faced with hungry in the middle of the day, if you have fresh food that is already prepped, you can choose healthy over processed and sugar-laden food. If you are shopping off of a recipe list, be mindful of your recipes and prepare those foods ahead of time to make busy lunch and dinners more successful.

3. Is my calendar tidy?

Taking time to look ahead in the week will allow you to feel more prepared and in control of next week. Spend 10-15 minutes plotting your paper or digital calendar. Make sure your weekend commitments are recorded. Include your work responsibilities, therapy appointments, and children’s sports or club events.

4. Are my workouts planned and booked?

Part of your personal responsibility to your mind, body, and soul is physical fitness. When determining how to plan for a healthy week, your body’s movement is a requirement, not an option.  Once you have recorded your work and familial responsibilities, plan and book your workouts. Whether you use a gym,  studio fitness, or a personal trainer, you need to commit to your plan.

5. Have I planned time for my soul work and mindset time?

A key component to Wellthy Soul Heath Coaching lies in a daily mindset and soul work practice. Mindset work is directly correlated to positive self-talk. Soul work is the practice of spending more time connected to the deeper self. Prayer, meditation, breath work are all examples of soul work. This practice is easily disregarded however, we believe it is the key to sustaining wellness for the rest of your life.

6. How can I slightly improve next week?

As a student of self mastery, I seek improvement. When determining how to plan for a healthy week, I assess my prior week and optimize my results. Some weeks I measure time spent in an activity.Other weeks I measure healthy meals versus unhealthy meals. Once my weekly goals are set, I have a baseline measurement and I try to improve my future week. If I only achieved five out of six planned workouts, I set my goal to six for the following week. In regards to nutrition, if I set a goal to eat 30 servings of veggies and only hit 20, I reset and improve for the upcoming week.

How to plan for a healthy week- the final step

Give yourself space and grace when your plan doesn’t go perfectly. I have never had a perfect week. There are too many environmental factors that you can’t account for when planning your week. As a recovering perfectionist, I have learned to let the small stuff go and focus on the big picture. In healthy living and making long-term changes to your body and mind, your journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

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