Stop late-night snacking for good

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness

Stop Late-Night Snacking for Good

Late-night snacking issues? You are not alone. When health coaching clients, it’s one of the most common concerns. Our clients will have “perfect” days eating clean foods without added sugars or without eating ultra-processed foods. Then the clock hits 8 pm and they can’t help but walk to the pantry for a sweet treat or something salty to mindlessly snack on. It’s VERY common.

Why Do I Late-Night Snack?

A lot of our work as health coaches centers around behavior change. We aren’t simply taking women and men through a diet plan, we are helping them to form new habits that simply crowd out the negative behaviors.

How Can I injectable steroids for allergies Combat Late-Night Snacking?

Below are the issues you may face when it comes to late-night snacking and some suggestions to combat the snacking habit.

1. Are You Just Bored?

Are you are actually hungry, or just simply looking for an activity to do? Ask yourself that question before you head to the kitchen after dinner.

2. Habit Already Formed

Have you consistently had an after-dinner snack behavior that you want to stop? Simple. Change your nightly routine. Next time you are at the grocery store or shopping online, buy a new sugar-free and caffeine-free drink to enjoy. Hot tea is a nice habit to include in your nightly routine. It is calming and hydrating. You can also brush your teeth after your last meal of the day.

3. Lack of Nourishing Foods

Consistently eating throughout the day will help combat late-night snacking. Wellthy Soul Health Coaches promote a balanced plate incorporating protein, carbohydrates, and fat to fuel your body and avoid hunger all day. If you are feeling hungry after dinner, add a little more fat to your dinner plate, or evenly distribute your nutrients throughout the day.

4. Stress or Anxiety

Twenty-seven percent of adults say they eat to manage stress and 34 percent of those who report overeating or eating unhealthy foods because of stress say this behavior is a habit. – American Psychological Association

We as a culture can combat stress (and stress eating) by a daily, soul work practice. This is the Wellthy Soul version of self-care that transcends facial masks and “rose’ all day” girls’ nights. Soul Work or stress-relieving activities can be performed anytime in the day. With practices ranging from outdoor hikes, meditation, prayer, and unfriending hurtful social media accounts, soul work applies to all men and women. Use a 5 minute guided meditation from the Wellthy Soul YouTube channel here.

5. Comfort Seeking

If you are using food for comfort or therapy and know you can’t stop it on your own, find an incredible counselor who can help you get to the root of the cause. The days of trying to manage mental health on your own are OVER. Go get some help and be proud that you made the decision to improve your life as a whole. We are crazy proud of you!


Finally, late-night snacking isn’t always an issue. There are no rules that say we can’t eat healthy food after dinner. It becomes a challenge when you want to change your behavior and can’t make the change on your own. The same goes for adding in an additional day of fitness to your week or limiting alcohol. It’s all about your perception of the desired change and your ability to accomplish that behavior change on your own. If you need help changing a health or wellness behavior in your life, please consider using Wellthy Soul to guide you to better health. Contact us¬†today!

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