Mindset Work

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Mind & Soul

It’s challenging to make long term changes to your physical body without adjusting your mindset work on tasks, challenges and daily living. Our body hears and responds to our mental chatter; so what you tell yourself on a consistent basis truly matters. If you want physical changes to occur you must make mental shifts as well.

At Wellthy Soul, our mindset work practice and our soul work practice are the two most imperative actions one can take to transform their mind, body and soul. These daily actions supersede nutrition, movement and time management. If our self-talk doesn’t support the confidence it takes to change, this battle of weight loss will be hard won.

Mindset work step one:

Start the day with quiet time before your household wakes. Pour a cup of hot tea, coffee or warm lemon water and sit still.

Mindset work step two:

In a journal, write the following four statements.

  • I am ____.
  • I will ____.
  • I can celebrate ____.
  • I am grateful for ____.

Mindset work step three:

End this practice with breath work, a prayer or a meditation.

Defining the statements

I am 

Your “I am” statement defines you as a unique individual. It is the thing that sets you apart. “I am a work of art.”

I will

Next, “I will” statements are intentions or goals for the day. At Wellthy Soul, we suggest you write three for each day.

I can celebrate

Choose one thing you did well yesterday that got you closer to your goal. It can be as small or as large as you choose. Next, write that in your journal. Each day, your confidence will grow as you approach the new version of you.

I am grateful 

A 2018 study on Gratitude and Wellbeing, findings showed that a daily gratitude practice cultivates a more positive outlook on life. This statement should be the easiest to write. From running water in your home to your children, the range is vast and there is no wrong answer.

In summation

Ultimately, you can spend 5-10 minutes in the morning to set up your day.  Next, defining your daily intentions allows you to have a clear path towards your goal, one day at a time. Find your favorite journal and a beautiful pen and start your Mindset work tomorrow morning.

Who is Wellthy Soul?

Wellthy Soul is a premium holistic wellness company that provides high touch, high care weight improvement coaching services for busy individuals. We help women over 40 lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks. To begin your mind, body and soul transformation, complete our waitlist link to be contacted by our team within 24 hours.