The 3 lessons most executives learn when it’s too late.

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Blog, Mind & Soul

The 3 lessons executives learn in health when it’s too late.

The 3 lessons most executives learn when it’s too late? A simple question with a not so simple response. Are YOU still doing these things? Working daily with men and women who run multi-million dollar businesses you come to understand a few things about this client. They are drivers who succeed and thrive under high pressure with multiple deadlines. When you think of an achiever, a mental picture comes to mind quickly. Business suit. Fine things. Nice vacations. But these executives often miss simple opportunities to live better in their day to day lives.

Lesson #1 Your body takes a hit when you sit in a chair all day.

Get out of the chair, boss. Just stand up. Eating through lunch and moving from call to call without a break is not good for your spine or the joints in the hips and lower extremities. If you continue to sit all day long without a quick stretch session or spinal twist between Zoom calls, you are doing your body a major disservice. Compound year after year of hours of sitting Monday through Friday and you will be less mobile and less functional in movement. You can make those minor adjustments and get bonus points when you get in a workout with your favorite trainer at the beginning of the day.

Lesson #2 Eating fast and convenient prepackaged foods cause higher body fat.

Low-fat. Low-calorie. Any of the labels on the prepackaged food at your desk are not good enough. When the food industry removes fat from your food, they add sugar and ultimately carbs and those things contribute to higher body fat. Look, you run the show, stop giving your body garbage as fuel. Your body needs to properly function. It is just as easy to grab a bag of apples and some natural nut butter as it is to grab a box of bars. Ditch the bags of food-like substances and eat real food.

Lesson #3 Your friends and family are more important than your business.

There I said it. My business coach forces me to have a work-life balance and you should too. If you are a brain surgeon or a cancer doctor, you get to take a pass on this sentence. Everybody else, you are probably not saving lives finishing one more email. It will be there when you get back tomorrow. Goals are important. I love hitting them too, but sitting with your family at the table means more. Walking in the evening with your brother or your best friend not only serves your loved one, but you get incredible stress-relieving benefits from sharing love and conversation as well.

Don’t miss the chance to shift your mind and your body. The 3 lessons most executives learn when it’s too late do not have to apply to you. You can have it all – a healthy body, clean nutrition, and valuable relationships. Make simple shifts to heal your body and decrease the chance of injury and lifestyle diseases. At the end of the day, ditch your computer or phone to spend time with loved ones to feel more grounded and connected to the people you work so hard for every day.

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