Understanding Layne’s Weight Gain: A Personal Journey Towards Hormonal Health

by | May 11, 2023 | Blog, Fitness & Wellness, Hormones

I stepped on the scale in December and knew I had an issue. I was too heavy for my age, height, and recommended weight.

Something was up with my body and I knew it. I was accumulating fat around my abdomen, hips, butt, arms, and face. I was so tired, hot and cold (both physically and emotionally), and taking daytime naps- which was totally new. As a health coach, I had tried all the diets out there and all of my tools to lose fat and gain energy were not working. This is when I had the feeling it was something deeper, something hormonal. I am glad I trusted my gut. I was right.

Immediately, I went from Wellthy Soul Health Coach to health client

I started the Wellthy Soul Hormone & Nutrition Program as a client this time. I wasn’t sure what was off in my body. After my divorce in early 2022, I decided to use a Mirena as birth control and to regulate heavy periods. After speaking with our Nurse Practitioner, Julie Bennett, the first step to discovery was to run labs including my sex hormones. After a few days, the results were back and Julie interpreted my labs. She quickly identified the first problem and we had a labs review.

#1: My thyroid wasn’t functioning properly: Layne’s Weight Gain

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone plays a vital role in regulating metabolism, which affects various bodily functions. There are several causes of hypothyroidism, including autoimmune disorders, radiation therapy, and surgical removal of the thyroid gland. Symptoms may include fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, constipation, and depression. Treatment usually involves daily thyroid hormone replacement medication to restore hormone levels and alleviate symptoms.

#2 I had to remove my Mirena

Mirena is a form of hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) used for birth control. It contains a synthetic hormone called levonorgestrel, which is a progestin. Progestins are similar to the hormone progesterone, which is naturally produced by the ovaries. This was the first added hormone I have had in my body since birth control pills in college. After four months of adding the IUD, I started gaining weight slowly but consistently. It had to come out and my intuition told me to remove it. In January, it was removed.

#3 Hurry up and wait

It took a little while for my thyroid and sex hormones to balance out, but it’s all part of the natural process. Since I stopped taking birth control, it has taken a few months for my hormone levels to regulate. We decided to give my thyroid and sex hormones some time to balance out before we retested and decided if we needed to approach my estrogen, progesterone, and/or testosterone. After three months, we would retest.

#4 I needed a custom meal plan written by our RD to feed my body what it needed at the moment: Layne’s Weight Gain

The next step was nutrition based on my labs. We feed clients customized plans based on their current chemistry. I needed the same. Coffee and an occasional Diet Coke were included. The food was whole in nature and the recipes were quick and easy.

As of today

This week, I am entering the second phase of this program. I retested my blood and am waiting to figure out what’s next. I have lost weight for sure but it’s been slow for me; patience and self-love have been my guiding factors. It’s been a journey, but the results I have today are already well worth the effort… I finally feel like I’m on the right track to being myself again. 

If this journey seems like the right fit for your body- let’s talk. Here is some info to get started.